2020 Cost FYI

To kick off the 2020 summer of miracles, we have some exciting news. Due to the incredible negotiating by our program managers to lower the costs of flights, we have been able to reduce the cost of all of our trip by at least $100 from the original price that was posted on October 1st. We hope this makes it just a little bit easier for you Builders to come serve with us. 

Check out the updated prices on our Trip Comparison Chart!

It's no secret that our trips are much cheaper than our competitors' – we have no desire or reason to add unnecessary expenses for our Builders. We want everyone to experience our life-changing trips, which is why we spend countless hours negotiating prices with our vendors, hence the huge company wide trip price reduction. As a nonprofit, we don't make any money off of these trips - we price them almost exactly what they cost us to run them.

You'll find that our trips are incredible, fun, and exciting; but we focus so much more on helping the people we serve rather than paying for excessive accommodations.



We accept payment through credit card/PayPal and check. Credit card/PayPal payments include a small processing fee. 


2020 Payment and Fee Schedule

Due Date


Reservation Deposit

  Day of Registration*


Half Way Point Deadline

  February 3rd


Final Payment


  March 30th

  Balance of your trip cost***


Every year, thousands of Builders try to register for our limited trip spots. As such, once you commit to a trip, your trip becomes non-refundable after a two week grace period. This changes to a 48 hour grace period effective January 1. Make sure you can fully commit when you register!  

Pro Tip: If the payments seem overwhelming, especially if you are paying all at once, break it down! If you pay $500 a month, which is only $125 a week, this will keep you on track with your payments. Try it out!

*$500 is refundable up until the Builder Agreement is submitted or within 2 weeks of registering for a trip, whichever comes first. Builders registering after January 1st will have 2 days to submit their Builder Agreement.

**By the half way point date, you should have at least $2000 in your account (your $500 deposit and an additional $1500). If, by February 10, this amount hasn't been paid, you will receive a late fee of $50. All payments/refunds are non-refundable. This is due to our payment schedule with airlines that we are unable to issue refunds

***The balance will depend on which expedition you attend and is the total trip cost minus $2000 for the first two payments. To view your current balance, please see your financial summary located at the bottom of your builder checklist. If this is not paid by April 6, a late fee of $100 will be incurred. All payments/refunds are non-refundable. This is due to our payment schedule with airlines and our vendors in country that we are unable to issue refunds

****Whether or not you participate in an HEFY Expedition, donations made to HEFY on your behalf cannot be refunded. This is due to the unfettered basis on which donations much be given, qualifying them to be tax-deductible

*****All refunds from overages or waitlist deposits need to be requested by August 31, 2020

Cost Details

Items included in the trip cost:

  1. Roundtrip international airfare from the trip departure airport (usually SLC, LAX, or MIA) to the host country (Note: HEFY works closely with the airlines to secure the best prices for our Builders. However, this is contingent upon our purchasing the tickets as a group. We are therefore unable to permit the use of miles or flight vouchers to purchase international flights
  2. Food (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  3. Lodging
  4. Transportation
  5. Excursions
  6. Project materials and training

Items not included:

  1. Roundtrip domestic airfare/transportation from home to departure airport (usually SLC, LAX, or MIA)
  2. Baggage costs (usually $50 per bag, depending on airline and weight)
  3. Passport costs: ~$135
  4. Visa costs: Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, Cambodia, and Mozambique all require visas, which Builders will need to obtain prior to the trip. Check local consulate/travel broker for more information.
  5. Canadians going to Paraguay and Argentina will need to pay a ~$50-$200 USD online reciprocity fee before arrival. Note, historically Canadian Citizens have had a difficult process obtaining visas to Brazil.
  6. Incidental expenses, laundry & snacks (we recommend about $50)
  7. Souvenirs (we ask each Builder to not bring more than $100)
  8. Any medicines and/or vaccinations that you choose.  Please carefully consult the CDC, your local physician and/or country consulate as you make this family decision. 



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