Your Guide to Pre-Registration 

HEFY summer of 2020 was surprisingly one for the books.  Since we couldn’t run trips, we had the time to deep dive and make every one of our trips safer, more fun, and even more impactful. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are for Summer 2021. 

Our COVID-19 contingency plans are extensive, and as we get closer to official registration week we will send out more details. Things are still looking very optimistic in the world of international travel. As of today, 51% of our 2020 locations have reopened to American tourists.

To help manage the larger-than-usual demand for 2021 trips resulting from last summer’s cancellation, “pre-registration” is something new we are rolling out this year. For the first time ever, we are giving you a 48 hour window in which you can save your space in line (after those Builders who deferred last summer). Again: this is NOT the official 2021 registration – that will happen in late November/December. Here’s what you need to know about it: 


Pre-registration will be open for 48 hours ONLY – no exceptions – starting at 5 pm on October 21 and ending at 5 pm October 23, MDT. It won’t matter when during this 48 hour period you pre-register. You can do it anytime during the 48 hours. All pre-registered Builders will then be assigned a space in line according to a random lottery. 


For those who are new to HEFY, here’s a quick recap of how our registration week works. When the official 2021 registration opens in late November/December, we will give first priority to Builders (youth and accompanying parents) according to their age. Day One is open to 19-year-olds/Parent Builders, Day Two is open to 18-year olds, Day Three is open to 17-year-olds, and Day Four is open to 16-year-olds. 

This year, for a period of 48 hours, you can pre-register in order to save your space in line on whatever day you are eligible to register (after the Builders who deferred from 2020). Pre-registration won’t give a 16-year-old priority over a 19-year-old, but it will give them priority over all the other 16-year-olds who did not pre-register. 

Note: If you miss pre-registration this year, you should definitely still register during the official registration week. Usually we are able to get everyone on trips who wants to go, either through the waiting list or through opening up pop-up trips later in the year. However, pre-registration will give you a better shot at getting on a trip in one of your top preference locations.


We’ve made it super easy to pre-register. 

  1. Go to ANYTIME after October 21 at 5pm MDT & before 5pm MDT on October 23 (it doesn’t make a difference when during that period you pre-register).

  2. Click the “PRE-REGISTER” button on the front page (you do not need to create an account)

  3. Pay a $100 reservation fee (Note: Average HEFY trip prices are usually around $3200, including the international flight. Your $100 reservation fee goes towards your total trip cost.)

And you’re done! We will post the details of all the 2021 trips November 17, at which point you’ll be able to go onto our pretty new website, create a new account, and explore your trip preferences according to all the main elements (service project type, sightseeing plans, geographical area, and dates) in advance of official registration week. 

Don’t worry - we’ll send you specific instructions on exactly how to do things when the time for official registration gets closer. 

A few key notes:

  • Your $100 pre-registration reservation fee is fully refundable anytime before official registration week opens. If you don’t request a refund, your reservation fee will then count toward your initial deposit required at the time of registration. 
  • Pre-registration does not guarantee you a spot on a trip, but you’ll get preference over anyone your age who does not pre-register. If you pre-register and then don’t get a spot you want during registration, you can request a refund of your reservation fee (up until two weeks after registration) or join the waitlist.
  • On November 17 you’ll see our website get a facelift. It will be a whole new look, but you can trust that we’re still the same life-changing organization that we’ve been for the last 22 years. Keep watching as we update to better tell our story. 
  • Be sure to give your friends and family the heads up about pre-registration, and encourage them to sign up for our email list. They won’t want to miss the next email we’re sending out, with a sneak peek into some of our new 2021 trips. 
  • Reminder to Builders who deferred last summer: As stated in last week's email, you do not need to pre-register, as you already have first priority. 

Mark your calendar:

October 21/23: Pre-registration OPENS at 5 pm MDT on Wednesday and CLOSES at 5 pm on Friday. No exceptions will be made for people who miss this window.

November 12: 2021 COVID-19 Contingency Plans will be announced. 

November 17: 2021 Trip Locations will be announced and the new website will go live! Care to venture a guess where we’re headed next? 

Late November/December: 2021 Official Registration Week begins! More info coming soon. 


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