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The islands that makeup Samoa are dense in natural wonders. From lush forests, ocean views, cascading falls, to some of the most breathtaking reefs in the world. Many Samoans refer to their island as paradise. Apia is the capital city of Samoa and located on the island Upolu. Samoa, with a population of 196,440, is made up of multiple small islands in the Pacific Ocean. The languages most spoken in Samoa are English and Samoan. 


As a remote island country, Samoa faces similar challenges to other pacific island countries. Small in size with limited natural resources, narrowly-based economies, far distances from major markets, and vulnerability to external shocks, Samoa currently has high rates of poverty. 

With 18.8% of the population living below the national poverty line, one of the key contributing factors to poverty in Samoa is poverty of opportunity. Additionally, Samoa struggles with malnutrition, access to educational opportunities, and sanitation facilities. 


-You will spend two nights on the beach in traditional Samoan style fales, go for a short hike to the top of an island giving you incredible views of the land and ocean, snorkel and play beach volleyball.

-Swim in the famous To Sua Trench

-Experience a traditional Samoan dance performance

-Hike to and slide through a natural rock waterslide



You will serve in the Apia Samoa Temple. This temple shares the distinction with the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple as the only two temples to be completely destroyed and rebuilt. While the temple in Nauvoo was destroyed by arsons and a tornado, the temple in Apia was destroyed when a fire was sparked during a renovation project.



Samoa consists of ten islands, each offering natural beauty and a unique environment. Rainforest and volcanic mountains cover the two main islands, with white sand beaches surrounding.

The people of Samoa are proud of their strong Fa'a Samoa, their cultural heritage. The Fa'a Samoa is comprised of the matai (chiefs), aiga (extended family), and the church.

Families live near each other in the villages and are very close to one another. The warmth of the Fa'a Samoa culture spreads to visitors of their island home. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints first sent missionaries to Samoa in 1863, and the Church has been growing there ever since. There are now over 75,000 members on the islands.

Samoa has a small, open, South Pacific island economy that relies heavily on agriculture. The people of Samoa live humbly, and many families rely heavily on external aid and remittances--money earned by a foreign worker but sent back home.


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