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HEFY was born in 1999 in Santarém, Brazil! Home to rivers, tropical rainforests, and exotic plants and animals, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and has rich natural resources. The country as recently gained recognition as one of the most powerful economies in the developing world and even hosted the 2016 Olympics! However, while some Brazilians have reaped the benefits of this growth, high levels of income inequality pervade. Over one-fifth of the country live below the poverty line, and the country has suffered a major recession in recent years.



Currently in Brazil, two in five kids drop out of school, primarily to join the workforce and help support their families financially. A recent study showed that 18% of Brazilians are functionally illiterate, meaning they can read words and write numbers, but can’t understand full sentences or do simple math. Brazil faces other major issues, including extreme poverty. The number of Brazilians living in extreme poverty - calculated at less than $1.90 per day - makes up approximately 8% of the population. 

Housing inequality and instability, food insecurity, and access to adequate healthcare and sanitation facilities remain significant contributing factors to Brazil's poverty rate. Despite having the 8th largest economy in the world, 50 million people live below the country's poverty line. 


You’ll have the amazing opportunity to serve in Santarém and explore the depths of the Amazon rainforest and river surrounding the city of Manaus. You’ll get to see where the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers meet, swim with pink dolphins, and fish for piranhas in these beautiful rivers. The adventures won’t stop there – you’ll hike through the Amazon jungle, see all types of animals, and canoe down the rivers to see Caymans (the Amazon alligator). You’ll learn of Brazilian customs and cultures while experiencing exactly why the people there are known for being some of the friendliest in the world. During your second weekend, you’ll canoe through the Enchanted Forest, explore the jungle, and check the “Caribbean of the Amazon” off your places to visit.


You will have the opportunity to visit the stunning Manaus temple. Before this temple was constructed, Church members faithfully attended temples in São Paulo, Brazil, and Caracas, Venezuela. This temple is a tribute to the many sacrifices early saints made to travel the long journey to serve in other temples before this one was constructed and dedicated. 







Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest in the world for both area and population.

While Brazil has experienced impressive economic growth over the past several years, the unequal income distribution creates pressing problems. About one-fifth of the population lives below the poverty line.

Spread throughout Brazil is a dense and complex system of rivers, including the Amazon, the second-longest river in the world. 

While the weather can vary across the different regions of Brazil, the majority of the country enjoys a tropical climate.

Scientists estimate the total number of animal and plant species in Brazil to be in the millions


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