Location: Cali • Cost: $2395 • Age: 16-19 • Airport: MIA



Named after Christopher Columbus, Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in South America, just following Brazil, with its snow-tipped mountains, green equatorial forests & rich coastal beaches and savannas. Known for its emeralds, the myth of El Dorado, and for its salsa dancing, anywhere in Colombia is rich with its culture. Treaties over the past 15 years between the government and activist groups have immensely raised the level of peace from a history of political unrest.


Colombia faces issues such as food insecurity, lack of nutrition, and lack of good education. In rural areas, access to good education is scarce, and quality healthcare is also a huge issue for those who live in rural areas. There are even certain areas that don't have access to health clinics at all. And if there is a health clinic, it usually offers poor service. The government and local programs strive to help with these problems, but the communities are in great need of infrastructure to support the help they receive. 


During your first weekend, you will explore and snorkel in Colombia’s famed Tayrona National Park. During your second weekend in Cali, you will visit Termales Santa Rosa (hot springs) and see the Salento village and the Valley of Palm Trees.





You will have a unique and exciting opportunity to visit the beautiful Bogota temple. 


Colombia is known for its unique foods because it has such a wide variety of fruit. Soccer is a major sport in Colombia, and it has the highest population of Spanish speaking people in the world. Colombia is also the birthplace of Shakira!



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