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Paraguay is one of two landlocked countries in South America and is bordered by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as Corazon de Sudamerica or, 'Heart of South America.' The official languages of Paraguay are Spanish and Guarani. 



Although the poverty rate in Paraguay has somewhat declined in recent years, it still remains high – especially in rural areas with over half of the population below the poverty line (about $2 a day).  Most families below the poverty line are farmers and supply their own food and nutrition. This, in part, contributes to Paraguay's high food insecurity rate with 25% of the population suffering from malnutrition. 

Over 50% of children in Paraguay do not complete secondary education, and it has one of the lowest attendance rates in Latin America. A large percentage of those not attending school are in rural areas and have limited access to education facilities. HEFY strives to facilitate sustainable projects that will serve the communities in Paraguay for years to come. 



You’ll spend an amazing weekend hiking the trails of dozens of spectacular viewpoints on the Brazilian side of Iguaçú falls! You’ll also take a boat ride near the famous Garganta del Diablo where you’ll be surrounded by clear water, beautiful jungle, and amazing wildlife. You’ll visit the modern marvel, Itaipú Dam and spend a day hiking, exploring, and rappelling in the hills and forests of Asunción.  







You’ll have the unique experience to visit and serve in the newly re-dedicated temple in the heart of Paraguay’s capital city, Asunción. It stands as one of the most beautiful structures in the city after spending many years under construction





1. Lying underneath Paraguay is the largest water reserve on Earth called Acuifero Guaraní.

2. The people of Paraguay are mostly a mix of Spanish and Guarani descent. Spanish and Guarani are the official languages of the country.

3. Paraguay maintains its own navy despite the fact that the country is landlocked.

4. 90% of the inhabitants of Paraguay are Roman Catholic.

5. Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay and it is the largest city in Paraguay, with approximately two million inhabitants. 




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