Many of our Builders have gone on expeditions at little or no expense to themselves by fundraising amounts to cover the entire cost of an expedition. Don't let the cost stop you from joining us! 


One of the most effective ways to raise funds for HEFY expeditions is to tell people about your trip and ask them to make a donation toward the humanitarian projects. Since HEFY is a 501(c)(3) charity, donations made to HEFY are tax deductible*. Family, friends, and businesses will want to help when they realize you are choosing to participate in humanitarian service and they can receive a tax deduction for their contribution to HEFY.  

Donations to HEFY are 100% tax deductible unless you are a Builder or parent paying for the trip. If you are a Builder or a parent of a Builder, your payment towards the trip is 90% tax-deductible in conjunction with tax policies for humanitarian travel. Your contribution is 20% deductible for direct humanitarian aid, 70% deductible for travel expenses, and 10% non-deductible for travel expenses spent on tourism.

The 2020 Fundraising Packet has suggestions on how to start reaching out to people around you to ask for donations, as well as sample letters and emails you can use. The Fundraising Packet includes a Donor Record Form where you can keep track of donations as well as a copy of HEFY's 501(C)(3) approval letter

*Donations are tax-deductible in the United States when given to HEFY on an unfettered basis, acknowledging that HEFY can designate funds where there is need. Donors should indicate that they would like you to receive credit for the amount raised by entering your name as the fundraiser on our donation form, or by including your name in the memo line of a check. Since funds are donated to HEFY on an unfettered basis and are used by the organization to fulfill its charitable purposes, donations will not be refunded even if the Builder/fundraiser cancels from an HEFY expedition. 


  • When submitting donations to HEFY by mail, make sure that all checks are made to HEFY. We cannot accept checks made out to BuildersThe donor should include the name of the HEFY Builder or Parent Builder in the memo line of the check, so the office can allocate those funds to the correct account. 
  • We can only accept US checks. We strongly recommend having people living anywhere outside the US to make donations online with a credit card. 
  • HEFY is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, therefore donations made to HEFY are up to 100% tax deductible for people in the United States. In order to keep our 501(c)3 status, we cannot refund donations.
  • You can download our 501(c)(3) approval letter to find our tax ID#.


HEFY has noticed a recent increase in the number of matching donations from large corporations such as Adobe, Fidelity, JustGive, etc. Please note that companies can only match donations not payments made by the Builder or parent. In order to be eligible for a matched donation, you must mark your financial payment as a donation when inputting it in the HEFY site. Please remember that all donations are non-refundable! 


  • Even if the trips are paid off, Builders can continue to fundraise until August 31, 2020. All donations must have been received in the mail or paid over the phone by that date. No late checks will be deposited unless it arrives on or before August 31st, 2020.
  • HEFY will refund (upon request) the Builders and their parents for any payments they made if they have donations to use in its place (i.e. surplus on the account equal or lesser than the amount paid by family).
  • Refunds will be issued by request only. In order to receive a refund, you must contact by August 31, 2020.


In addition to asking people to make tax-deductible donations to HEFY, lots of Builders find creative ways to earn money to pay for their expeditions. Here are some innovative things past Builders have done:

  • Sell homemade t-shirts
  • Organize a benefit concert
  • Compile a neighborhood cookbook
  • Organize telegrams for Valentine’s Day
  • Organize Christmas tree removals after the holidays

There is no limit to how creative your efforts can be! We have been astounded by the fun, clever ideas that past Builders have used to raise funds for their trips. It is important to note that payments made in exchange for goods or services are not tax deductible. However, they can be effective ways to earn money for and spread the word about your expedition. 

If you have been contacted by a HEFY fundraiser and would like to make a donation that will count toward their fundraising goal please click the button below.


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